Children at Christ Church St Laurence

Children are joyfully welcomed to every service at Christ Church St Laurence.

A message to parents

To the parents of young children, we say: please relax! God put the wiggle in children. Please do not feel you must surpress it in this holy place. If you bring a young child to the service, we encourage you to sit toward the front of the church (children will be more attentive if they can see what is happening at the altar), and to quietly explain the service to your child. Please sing, pray and respond, and encourage your child to copy you. At communion, lead your child toward the altar rail. The priest will be delighted to say hello and welcome, and to bless your child.

If you feel you need to take your child outside of the service and in to the porch, do so, but please come back.

Sunday School (Sundays, 9.00am)

The Sunday School is held in the Parish Hall each week during the 9.00 Sung Eucharist and lasts for approximately 40 minutes. Children return to the Church before the Offertory so they can experience the Great Thanksgiving and Communion.

2017 term dates

ChildrenatCCSLLent Term: 29 Jan (Blessings of the Backpacks)  to 9 April
Trinity Term: 30 April to 2 July
Michaelmas Term: 23 July to 24 September
Advent Term: 15 October to 17 December

For information about Sunday School please contact our Youth Ministry Leader at or the parish office at or (02) 9211 0560.

Child facilities

At Christ Church St Laurence, we encourage parents to bring children of all ages to our services. We have recently invested in new facilities to make this easier for parents, these include:

*  Baby change facilities in our toilets.
*  A new Sunday School curriculum and materials
*  A playmat and various ‘quiet’ toys for younger children.
*  A microwave in our kitchen for bottle-warming.

To use any of these facilities, please speak with the sidesperson at any time during the service.