Donations to the Asylum Seekers’ Centre, Newtown

As Australia prepares to welcome refugees and asylum seekers in the coming months, the Asylum Seekers’ Centre in Newtown has issued a call for donations of food. Please see the list of suitable donations below. A box is available to make your donation in the church, and will be transported weekly to the Asylum Seekers’ Centre in Newtown.


Please do not donate heavy items in bulk as most people have to carry the groceries home on public transport.

Baby Food for 6 months: vegetarian and meat (chicken , beef)

Baby rusks

Breakfast Cereal (Cornflakes are popular )

Canned Beans: chickpeas, red kidney beans, mixed beans (n.b., not in tomato sauce)

Dried Beans and Lentils

Chilli flakes and powder

Coffee, instant

Cooking Oil (vegetable, in 750ml or 1 litre containers)

Condiments (honey, jam)

Dried Fruit (apricots, prunes, dates)

Flour (small packages)

Milk Long Life (1 litre containers)

Muesli Bars

Nuts (mixed, pistachios, cashews; also Sunflower seeds)

Pasta (spaghetti, penne, macaroni etc)

Rice  (1 kg bags, basmati is the most popular)

Tea (black, chamomile, peppermint, jasmine, green)

Tinned Fish, Fruit, Vegetables (in ring pull cans if possible: corntomatoes, mixed vegetables. N.b., no beetroot please)

Tomato paste



Baby wipes

Nappies (n.b., disposable; 10-15 kg, 13-18kg )


Disposable razors

Dish washing liquid

Laundry Powder (small packages, or decanted into small plastic bags, clearly labelled)


Shaving cream

Sanitary Pads (n.b., not tampons)


Shower Gel, Body Wash